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Neato vs iRobot

Neato and iRobot are arguably the two best manufacturers of robotic household appliances in the world. But which is better? The debate of Neato vs iRobot has been a long fought out battle! To begin with let’s take a look at the backgrounds of the two companies.


iRobot started off developing robotic solutions for bomb disposal in the 1990s. Over time the company has expanded into other areas including household robotics. It has become one the global leaders in robotic technology specializing in both defense and domestic products.


The smaller of the two companies, it was founded in 2010, making it also the younger company. However Neato’s ability to develop robotic technology is just as good as its larger more experienced rivals.

Both companies have proved themselves experts in their fields, providing robotic solutions to everyday household problems. One of their most popular gadgets are their range of robotic vacuums.

The designs of both companies are slick and beautiful. They’re compact and are designed with both elegance and efficiency in mind. They’re pretty much the same size, yet use slightly different shapes. Let’ take examples of each company’s product and compare them, to see if we can really find which is better.

Neato – the Botvac D series

The Botvac D series is one of the most powerful forms of vacuum out to date. It comes in 4 types, the D85 , the D80, the D75 and the latest D Connected. The D75 is great for your everyday usage, it can get about the house easily and is super effective at picking up dust and other nasty stuff you might find on your floor. The D85, however, does this and more. The D85 is great at scooping up hair and suits homes with pets, especially ones that go through excessively bad periods of malting. The D85 has a high performance filter ensuring the longevity of your vacuum. Its combo brush helps to clean up all kinds of dirt and, trust me, this vacuum works well in all houses not just ones with pets.

The Roomba 800 series

The Roomba 800 series is a circular vacuum, which makes almost certain that it can get anywhere in your house. Elegant and highly effective this is meant to be one of the best robot vacuum ever brought out by Roomba. The 800 series is also easy to look after and maintain, making it almost hassle-free compared to other alternatives. Yet, perhaps most importantly it boost extreme power and cleaning ability. The 800 series will almost definitely be effective when cleaning your floor, leaving from beautiful, fresh and clean from dirt. The 800 series is also effective against hair as well as almost anything that you can find on your floor. The ‘Aeroforce cleaning system’ is also one of the most advanced within the robot vacuum cleaning industry.

The Roomba 900 series

iRobot recently released the 980, an unit capable of communicating with smart phones. I’m planning to do a review of this product in the weeks to come, but for now, let’s just say it has everything you could ever want on a robotic vacuum cleaner. The movement algorithm has been greatly improved, using a video camera as the main sensor for the outside environment. The Roomba 980 also cleans much longer (about 2h), thanks to its newly improved batteries.

The comparison

Design – I’m sure you’ll find both the designs exceptionally elegant and beautiful. However, the design of the Botvac is a little more aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, touch sensitivity is almost an important consideration to take when comparing the designs of two robot vacuums. The series 800/900 boasts advanced systems of touch sensitivity, as well as an effective intelligent system that allows the robot to know when it’s done cleaning and that it should begin charging. Yet, the LaserSmart Technology of the Botvac allows it to clean systematically and methodically by scanning and planning the layout of your room. The designs come very close, both are beautiful, however which one is more effective and beautiful is a decision entirely down to your personal preference.

Power – This is where there’s pretty much a clear winner. The Roomba series’ Aeroforce Cleaning system is exceptionally powerful and offers much more suction than almost any other robovac out there. However, Neato is known for creating some of the most powerful cleaning systems around and the brushes use din Neato machine are incredibly good at picking up dirt. Although most of the times the power from both robots is more than enough, the D85 comes first.

Maintenance – The key benefit of a robot vacuum is to take away the stress from having to vacuum up after a long day’s work. It’s also a more fun and even more effective way of cleaning your house. So maintenance is quite an important consideration. You don’t want to invest in a robot vacuum to find that it needs looking after all the time. Thankfully, both these models rank pretty high when it comes to maintenance. In the specific comparison between the Roomba and the Neato, the Roomba wins. With Neato’s design, there are issues with excessively usage and sensors calibration. Occasionally, the sensors may need cleaning out as dust particles can get stuck in there, but don’t worry too much, this doesn’t drastically harm the overall performance of the vacuum. The D85 series does have a larger vacuum bin but there can be issues with it, especially with excessively usage. The series 900 is actually exceptionally easy to maintain. It can easily last an entire week of daily usage without having to clean the bin. Thanks to the sensor’s placement you’ll never have to worry about affecting your vacuum’s performance. This and other reasons make the series 900 easier to maintain.

The outline

If you still wonder which company is better, Roomba or Neato, let me tell you this: Both are great companies, at the forefront of their industry. Both models (D series and 900 series) are amazing and would undoubtedly make a great addition to your home. They also both have their benefits as well as little to no shortcomings. Often an issue with robot vacuum is the fact that they cannot clean in a simple and methodical matter, however both these products offer reliable and effective robots to suit all of your cleaning needs. iRobot, boats increasing profits over 2011-2015, with their biggest increase in sales over 2014-2015 and it’s still rising. Neato profits are also increasing and both companies are becoming amazingly popular. iRobot may lead the market in a lot of areas but there’s also a lot of plus points about Neato. I.e. Neatos are much cheaper. This may be a decision making factor for many.

Now it’s up to you to say which you think is best.  I would love your thoughts on this comparison.

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