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The review of the new Neato Botvac D series – D75 / D80 / D85

D series

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On June 18, 2015
Last modified:September 25, 2015


Neato's latest line of robots, named the D series, come in 3 models: the D75, D80 and D85. These are indeed improved from their older siblings, and can be considered as one of the best domestic units in the industry. Improved brushrolls, lower sounds levels, higher dust capacity and bigger filters are just a few perks Neato brags about.

If you’re looking for a good robot vacuum cleaner, then you’ll surely going to have a blast with the new Neato Botvac D series, which will be released starting with the first of July 2015. If you’re reading this, I bet you are already acquainted with the Botvac line, more specifically Neato’s Botvac 85, which I’ve reviewed a while ago. In this new series, you’ll find the D85, D80 and D75 which are awesome models packing each a powerful take on cleaning. This is what you’ll learn from me in the following minute or so:

  • how good are new Botvac D models, compared to other robotic vacuum cleaners
  • how good are new Botvac D models, compared to the older Botvac models
  • what are their strong and weak points
  • where to find good deals


The LCD panel display is something commonly shared among all Neato vacuums. But their latest product comes with more sensitive controls, 24 oz (0.7 liters) of dust collector space and reduced noises. Different bristles and brushes can be easily attached, allowing fast replacement and use. The new brush system is much more efficient in comparison to previous versions of the product. But let’s have a closer look to these features:

Suction Power

Suction is enhanced in the D Series. Its new filters enable and the capture of debris and dirt with extra performance, thus a better airflow can be deployed. No matter the type of surfaces vacuumed, the suction system allows for the robot to perform on uneven grounds. Vacuum robots with such capabilities spend less time vacuuming, thus being much more efficient and allowing of their batteries.

Input Power

Speaking of batteries, the vacuums in this series can be charged under both 110V and 220V voltages. The batteries themselves have a 6-months limited warranty (a 1-year warranty is granted for the whole unit). They consume 1 Watt on standby and 2 Watts while charging. This means batteries will last longer, for longer cycles and bigger vacuumed areas. You can also program these vacuum robots to operate every day in any appointed time.

Dust Capacity

As mentioned above, the Neato Botvac D packs a dust collector capacity of 24 ounces. Although it can’t be compared to common uprights, bear in mind that the capacity of any robot vacuum cleaner is designed considering autonomy issues. In other words, they are built to work every day, keeping your house clean all the time. It’s a new radical change that’s promised to revolutionize the way home vacuuming is done. And now you too can be one of the pioneers having a piece of this great upcoming future.

Filtration System Efficiency

As mentioned, the filtration system includes enhanced larger filters. They operate with higher performance retaining much more dust and debris particles than its predecessors, ensuring that even allergic users are not affected by the vacuuming operation itself. This gives you great tranquility knowing that your home’s environment and air quality will also be enhanced by the continuous cleaning provided by these vacuuming systems.

Weight and Dimensions

The D Series is very light, weighing only 9 pounds. Dimensions are 12.7 x 13.2 x 3.9 thick which makes it extremely compact, light to carry and set up anywhere you want. Its distinctive D shape grants it enhanced navigation, enabling it to clean near corners and edges, under tables, beds, wardrobes, cabinets, chests, couches and many tricky spots which are sensed through it advanced laser sensor, which guide its operation.


If there are any operational defects, you can quickly exchange Neato for another one. And if problems occur to the battery such as short circuits or the battery doesn’t function properly, you can exchange it for a new one without having to exchange the whole product package.


Main accessories include specialized brushes and boundary markers. The brushes ensure your D Series model renders your vacuum robot extremely efficient, especially if your house includes different ground levels and formats and if you own pets. Speaking of pets, Neato‘s specialized brushes are provide great hair pickup. As for the boundary markers, you can program your vacuum robot to stay off your pet’s areas or your children’s bedrooms.


The D series have noise reduction capabilities, thus you can have your robot vacuum operate even at nighttime. This is  awesome, as you can wake up to a freshly cleaned home. Something you probably never thought of doing before.


Pro Reviews

The D Series are praised for their great suction, low noise and long lasting batteries. The navigation is also something homeowners really admire, since these D Series vacuum robots hardly ever miss a spot.

Con Reviews

One con most homeowners have is that the vacuum dust compartment. Although is it much bigger than the previous versions, they still wish it was bigger, so to store more dust and debris. But the makers sacrificed extra space for more compactness and autonomy. There’s also the issue with the remote control – Neato vacs don’t have remotes.

Model Comparison (D85 vs D80 vs D75)

Botvac D comes in 3 models: D85, D80 and D75. Thus, you might start to wonder which one is right for you. 2 main factors usually differentiate one from another: the combo brushes, designed specifically for pet hair, and the number of high-performance filters. D85, as the bigger number implies comes with 3 high-performance filters, all others have only 1. If this is a key feature for you, then the D85 is definitely the right choice. As for the combo brush, only D85 and D80 have this. D75 doesn’t, so if you’re trying to save money and have no pets in your house, the D75 might be best for you.

Final Comments


When balancing which is the right robot vacuum for you, try to think through which features you can’t live without. Combo brushes are awesome if you have pets, but if you have none, D75 will do just fine. If your house is bigger though, you might just want to get the D85 which comes with 3 high-performance filters. And of course, combo brushes come along in it as an extra accessory. These are some interesting pointers you can use to make the best choice for buying your own robot vacuum. Last but not least, I’d love your comment on this unit.

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  1. Does the D-series get stuck on rugs like the older versions (and roombas)?

  2. I have a Botvac D75 and yes it is good, another thing which you all should know is the standard brush in the D75 can use the combo brush which are fitted in the D80 and D85, also the high performance filter fitted in the and D85 can fit the D75 and D80, these replacement can be brought from Amason and other retailers, also from an online auction site, otherwise the D75,D80 and D85 case and electronics are the same, why buy the D75,, well it cheaper and sooner or later the filter will need replacing, so now you can replace the filter for D85 one, same with cleaning brush, hope this is help full…Rob

  3. rhonda f nowicki

    I have 3 Roombas and 2 Neatos xv21 and D75. My Neato D75 LCD screen went dead in less than 5 months. In talking with customer service the LCD is a known problem that they have not fixed. So any Neatos with LCD screen could malfunction. Customer Service sent me a D5 as replacement which doesn’t have a LCD screen. At first I was sooo excited. Only to find out because I recently upgraded my modem none of their connected models will work with a 5ghz modem. Without being able to connect to the app you cannot schedule the unit at all. So I have to choose to lose scheduling capabilities or get another unit with a possibly faulty LCD. So buyer beware.

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