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Samsung PowerBot VR9000 review – is the price tag justified?

Review of: Samsung PowerBot
VR9000 / VR20J9010UR / VR20H9030UB / VR20H9031UC

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On August 11, 2015
Last modified:August 11, 2015


If you're wondering you you should spend around $1.5k on an appliance that vacuums by itself, I'll give you plenty of reasons: for starters, you won't find a better looking robovac. Both 2015 models have a even higher autonomy than the original VR9000, reaching up to 70 minutes of continuous use. The noise has also been reduced to 65db. The platform recharges automatically when the batteries are depleted. And the perks don't stop here.

robot-logo-smallIf you are looking to spend a little fortune on a fancy robot vacuum cleaner, you might as well choose to spend it on one of the most powerful and technologically advanced vacuums on the market today, the 2015 Samsung PowerBot: the VR20H9030UB and the VR20H9031UC. Not only these little babies are more powerful than an upright, but their revolutionary smart technology also allows them to navigate your home by themselves. Both 2015 units originate from the VR9000, but costs almost twice (although you can find great price discounts on Ebay or AliExpress that bring this unit back to a $800 price tag). And by the way, if you like the red color, there’s also a 2014 PowerBot called VR20J9010UR. Let’s see:

Without losing any more time, let’s see how they look:

Samsung PowerBot VR20J9010UR vs VR20H9031UC vs VR20H9030UB

Key Features

A vast improvement over previous models and others on the market, the Samsung PowerBot has several key elements:

  • Sensor Ceiling Shape Recognition – Called Visionary Mapping Plus, the system uses ten sensors and a digital camera to map your house. The unit then automatically determines the most efficient route around furniture and other obstacles to clean your floors. The unit can sense even very small obstacles so there are fewer blind spots
  • Cyclone Force Design – This new model has a much wider brush. The width is 311 mm. Most conventional brushes are only 204 mm.
  • Digital Inverter Technology – Awesome suction power gives the vacuum more than sixty times the suction of regular robot vacuums. The large drum brush width limits problems such as becoming stuck or entangled.
  • Touch Button Controls and LED Screen – The simple touch controls allow for easy use. The LED screen clearly displays the information.
  • Easy Pass Wheels – The wheels are a full 15 mm off the ground. This makes for a lot smoother run across the floors. The unit is far less likely to get caught on something.
  • Auto Docking – This is a great feature that lets your vacuum automatically dock when it senses the battery is low.

Cleaning Modes

There are 4 cleaning modes that are easy to program and use:

  1. Auto Clean: This mode can be set to clean a designated space such as a den or living room area automatically.
  2. Spot Clean: The specified area is cleaned intensely. This would be for spills like crumbs or pet food messes.
  3. Max Clean: This lets your PowerBot clean until the battery is depleted and it docks itself for a recharge.
  4. Manual Clean: You can operate the unit yourself using the remote control and move it over a particular area or spot.

Suction Power and Filtration Efficiency

The rotary movement of the Cyclone Force system generates strong and intense centrifugal force. This significantly reduces clogging of the filter and lines, which keeps the vacuum suction operating at peak efficiency.

Power and Battery Types and Recharging

The PowerBot voltage is 100-240 V, 50Hz/60Hz enabling you to use it anywhere in the world. Power consumption is only 70 W. The rechargeable battery is a Lithium ion, 21.6 V/84 Wh. You can use automatic or manual charging. You simply turn on the emergency switch on the bottom which turns on the unit. You can manually charge it by simply placing it in the docking unit that is plugged into the wall.

A low battery will be indicated on the LED screen, then “charging” when plugged into the wall and eventually “FULL” when the unit is fully charged. The charging time is approximately 2 and a half hours. The unit can clean for up to 60-70 minutes between charges.

And since we’re talking about batteries, the remote control unit uses 3 AAA batteries.

Dust Capacity and Cleaning Speed

The PowerBot has a dust capacity of 23.6 ounces, almost the same with the Neato Botvac D85. The cleaning path is 12.2 inches, and it travels with a maximum speed of 0.32 m/sec:

large cleaning path

Weight and Dimensions

Measures 14.9 x 5.3 x 14.2 inches and weights 10.6 lbs.


Both units come with a 5-year limited warranty for the product itself and a 10-year warranty for the motor. It actually the longest warranty I’ve seen in robotic vacuum cleaners.


This vacuum comes with everything you will need. The accessories include a spare sponge filter, a cleaning tool, the user’s manual and three AAA batteries for the remote control. Unwrap it, mount it, press the “On” button and enjoy the show.

Special Features

One of the really neat features of the PowerBot is the laser point cleaning function. The remote control emits a light beam that you can shine anywhere on the floor; PowerBot will simply follow the light beam, cleaning the specific areas you indicate.

The 4.1″ wheels and the powerful large brushes allow it to overcome obstacles much easier, making the unit’s independent cleaning function much simpler. It is a true, “set and forget” cleaning system.

The upgraded Visionary Mapping Plus System is state of the art technology that allows the unit to easily and quickly learn your house and efficiently clean without needing constant supervision. You can go to work and return with the confidence that the unit will have done its job without issues.

Virtual Guard Option

Virtual GuardOne of the best feature of this robot is the Virtual Guard. Make sure you ask the seller if the model you’re buying has this option, because not all units come with this feature. You can place the Virtual Guard in a particular part of the room where you may not want the PowerBot to approach too closely. For example, you might have your dog in his or her crate during the day and you may want the PowerBot to stay away from that particular area. You merely place the wireless unit by the restricted area. The infrared beam will keep the PowerBot away for a minimum 1.5 ft.

Cleaning and Maintaining

Maintaining the PowerBot is simple. The dustbin will indicate if it’s full. A pull on a small lever lets you lift the bin from the unit. You then merely empty it and reattach it. If the filter inspection indicator light is lit, you also need to clean the filters. You need to detach the dustbin from the cyclone, which is attached to the bin lid. Then it is a simple matter to taking out the filter and washing it. Replacing the filter is done the same way.

Positive review comments

Most reviews are particularly impressed with the intelligent mapping system. This puts the PowerBot ahead of the competition technologically. The incredible suction power gets universally favorable comments and is considered another feature that sets this unit apart from ordinary robot vacuums.

Negative review comments

The price of around $1000 is the top feature that reviewers usually comment on negatively. The relatively small dust capacity chamber is another negative often referred to on some review sites. Luckily, I’ve found this great deal you can check out.


robot-logo-smallThe Samsung PowerBot is truly in a class by itself. The technology is exceptionally good and reliable. The cleaning power of the vacuum is better than many robot vacuums on the market. The simplicity of use and lack of lots of parts to keep track of contribute to its value. The price is may seem unreasonable for what you get, but than again, this unit is not for everybody. I would love your comments on this product.

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