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Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy – a complete assessment

XV Signature Pro

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On June 13, 2015
Last modified:September 25, 2015


Although Neato's new line of robot vacuum cleaners, the Botvac, is getting some heat, the XV Signature Pro is still among the best units of this company. The robot comes with a good battery, a decent navigation system, a charging base, great brushrolls and outstanding support and warranty.


I haven’t been active for a while, but today I’m continuing my Neato review series with this entry. The XV series of robots combines latest technology and innovative design with exceptional features and powerful suction motors. The Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy features laser guided navigation, which allows it to map out a room and clean floors in a systematic fashion.

Moreover, the product offers two different kinds of filtration. It works on all kinds of flooring except thick carpeting. When it needs a battery recharge, it returns to the charging base. You can even program the vacuum cleaner to work at specific a time. Due to these reasons, today the XV Signature Pro is one of the products with the best price/quality ratio available on the market. That being said, by further reading this post, in just under 1 minute you’ll find out:

  • why is the XV Signature Pro still a good choice when it comes to buying a new robot vacuum cleaner
  • what are its pros and cons
  • where you can find a nice deal

Let’s see what the producer says about its product:

What’s in the box

  • Charging cable
  • Charging station
  • 2 brushes
  • 6 inches boundary marker
  • 2 allergy and pet filters
  • User guide
  • Quick start guide

Cleaning Capabilities

The effective bristle and blade brush combination on the product prevents pet hair from getting tangled inside the unit. This enhances your ability to remove pet hair. This exceptional robotic vacuum cleaner comes equipped with filters, which help contain allergens and fine dust particles. The filter retains a lot more dust than standard filters. It is worth mentioning that the unit’s filters are not HEPA, but then again, there aren’t to many robot vacuums that have this feature.

As I was saying earlier, the XV Signature comes with scheduled cleaning. Due to this, you can preset the time when you want the cleaner to work. The unit even works when you are away. The product comes with a charging base or station. When the battery is low, the unit returns to the charging base. One full charge can last one hour cleaning time. This is improved with the latter Botvac D series, which will appear the next month, and which I plan in the near future.

The vacuum cleaner comes with two in-built cliff sensors. They are located on the front side of the machine, and prevent the unit from falling down the stairs. It is important to clean not only these sensors, but the entire unit, on a regular basis. This keeps the product in good condition.

Additional info

The cleaner does not have a remote control. Therefore, you need to stoop or bend to use the product. However, its display screen and buttons are very easy to read. All the controls are also clearly marked. In case you do not prefer to preset cleaning times, you can press the start button to activate the robotic vacuum.

The unit comes with a 6 feet magnetic rubber strip, which the cleaner does not cross. This keeps the product from going places where it is not supposed to go. The company’s official website also allows you to purchase additional markers. These are sold in 13 feet rolls. While using markers, you need brown strips lying on the floor. Some people think these are not very active.


The height of the cleaner is 4 inches. Thus, it can clean places where an upright vacuum can’t reach, such as under your couch or under the bed. In these places, dust bunnies and pet hair can easily accumulate. The product weighs around 8.5 pounds, but this is not really that important, since you won’t be lifting it too often. It measures 13 inches around. The Neato XV Signature Pro comes in a square shape on one side. This allows the product to easily fit into corners.

Warranty & Support

In case you face some challenges or the product does not work properly, you can contact the company’s customer service department. You can reach customer service via multiple channels of communication. In addition to this, you can also check the FAQ section on the official company website. This allows you to resolve all doubts and queries. The company also offers a user manual, which helps you use the product for the first few days. The product comes with a one year warranty. Thus, you do not need to worry about any issues.


The Neato XV Signature Pro features an advanced laser guided mapping system, which allows the product to clean in a very efficient manner. It does not bounce off furniture and walls. The NiMH batteries last around 1h of continuous cleaning. The efficient design allows the unit to clean thoroughly near walls and corners. Today’s price is also a steal, now that Neato is throwing out rebates.


The vacuum cleaner does not have a remote control. Some people consider it a major drawback. The unit also doesn’t have virtual wall beacons, it uses magnetic strip bands which may not fit the chromatic of your home.

XV Signature vs XV Signature Pro vs XV Essential vs XV-21

Model XV Signature XV Signature Pro XV Essential XV-21
Combo brush No Yes No Yes
Filters 1 High-Performance Filter 2 High-Performance Filters 1 Standard Filter 1 High-Performance Filter



With a wide range of features for allergy sufferers and pet owners, the Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy is an exceptional product. Though the product does not come with HEPA filters, it offers high quality filtration and comes with an efficient brush, which removes pet hair without any problems. So, what do you think about this robovac? I’d love to know your thoughts, so please do share them bellow.

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