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iRobot Roomba 980 – a new king in town


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On November 20, 2015
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The new Roomba generation brings lots of improvements: a better movement algorithm, better suction, lower noise levels, larger brushrolls and a bigger dust bin. The batteries have also been altered for the best, and allow now the unit to function 2h continuously. Overall, the iRobot Roomba 980 is one of the best commercial robovacs out there, and I you afford it, I warmly recommend it.

robot-logo-smalliRobot, one of main players on the robotic vacuum cleaners market, brought us news this fall. Their new product, the Roomba 980, can be controlled by an Android/IOS application. The Roomba 980 is now accessible in stores all over the world. In spite of the fact that it is a bit more expensive, it has comparable execution in respect to its more established counterpart, the 880.

In terms of features and aspects, a few key points been enhanced subsequent to the last model. The 980 is designed in the same way, except for the brown strip infused on the top part of the case. This is a very beautiful and chic piece of machinery.

The AeroForce cleaning framework, which is almost twice as intensive as other vacuum cleaning machines, goes whether your floor is wooden, covered, or tiled. The Roomba 980 will boast its awesome suction power by tidying up garbage and dust particles, even from dubious corners. This unit permits you to clean the roomy floor of a cabin, apartment suite, and even unfathomable corridor floors. With the new tech presented by iRobot, this vacuum is able to regulate its sucking power depending on the type of surface you are cleaning. The suction gets more powerful on carpets. But this is just one of the multitude of features I’ll cover in the next couple of minutes. Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • why is the 980 one of the most advanced robovac in the world
  • how good is it in regular and extraordinary working conditions
  • how it compares to other robovacs
  • where to find a decent deal for it


Suction Power

As I was saying, the AeroForce Stage 3 originally deployed on the 880 has been also used on this unit. It’s called Stage 3 because it cleans floors in 3 stages. The rubberized brushrolls make a wonderful job at agitating and brushing the carpet fibers. Speaking of carpets, as I was describing above, as soon as the robot meets a rug, it will increase its suction power, up to 10 times than the one used on bare floors. The unit has a strong motor which delivers a good suction power. All dirt resulted from agitation and brushing is sucked right into the bin.

Input power/ battery life

The battery life is altogether more than a considerable in comparison to other available vacuums in its class. It will last up to two hours between charge sessions, which is twice as much as its predecessor. At the end of the day, you will be amazed by the space the machine can clean without re-energizing. The Roomba 980 is additionally able to re-energize itself before continuing the cleaning assignment from the position it stopped. The navigation system is responsible for this action. This machine is fully aware of where it is, the place it has been and where it needs to go next. The amazing battery gives the vacuum adequate energy to clean intense corners.

Dust Capacity

The dust canister of the Roomba 980 is adequate for general cleaning. It has the capacity to hold relatively large measures of dust, hairs, and debris. It will need consistent emptying between the cleaning cycles if the soil is especially overwhelming. In any capacity, this machine is low and this permits it to clean restricted spots which are hard to reach. The size of the dust canister is reduced due to this feature of the device.

Filtration system efficiency

You’re longing for a top-quality vacuum that cleans floors and decontaminates the air. The Roomba 980’s filter system are intended to work successfully against dust, dirt, pet dander, build up, dust, dust parasites, and mold. Moreover, the filtration procedure helps in cleaning the quality of different variables, which regularly cause hypersensitivities or heighten asthmatic conditions. The filter is named the iRobot HEPA that utilizes E11 HEPA media, having the capacity to repel up 99.9% of particles bigger than 0.3 microns.

Weight and Dimensions

Weight is not by any means a problem variable when purchasing a device such as this, since you won’t do any lifting. Still, you may need to move it around a bit. Regardless of its progressed tech elements, the Roomba 980 weighs only 8.7 lbs. The vacuum has a width of 13.8 inches and it’s 3.6 inches tall. These measurements make it simple to handle the gadget and deal with its cleaning procedure starting with one point then onto the next. The gadget’s measurements are likewise advantageous for simple storage, cleaning, and upkeep.


The Robotic Vacuum accompanies a one year restricted guarantee. This applies to the robot. Furthermore, the battery has a limited 6-month maker’s guarantee. It is accompanied with a 30 day cash back surety.


Some of the accessories of this vacuum are line cord, extra filter, home base charging station, rechargeable battery, extra side brush, special features and dual wall virtual barriers. This machine reacts effortlessly to the controls and is for the most part simple to use around the home. The easy to understand bid is further upgraded by the benefits of tech.

Special Features

The app intended to assist you with cleaning your home while you are away, is named iRobot HOME. This allows you to begin cleaning while at work or when you are traveling. The application is joined with the vacuum through your Wi-Fi system, which makes the cleaning procedure able to function from a virtual standpoint. In addition, the application permits you to program the cleaning timetable on specific days of the week. The programming can be made from the interface of any well-known smartphone. The system will permit you to pick particular insights about the cleaning process and get to data about the procedure’s status.

Usability/movement algorithm

This is the first unit from iRobot which totally maps nature and auto limits itself taking into account the picture readings. The visual concurrent restriction and mapping innovation, the vSLAM, will astonish you. This vacuum utilizes this tech to add to a guide of its surroundings as the cleaning procedure advances. The guide assists the machine to stay informed regarding the area until the whole level has been cleaned. The gadget will live up to the expectations cleaning the mapped zone for two hours before needing to re-energize. It will the return and proceed from the accurate spot where it cleared out. You can believe that the tech will keep your vacuum from crashing into furniture and protests or tumbling off edges. The utilization of a camera sensor by the vacuum, to make sense of where to go was already used in another device.


  • Cleans a wide range of floors
  • Designed to not fall down the stairs
  • Automatically recharges
  • Designed to reach and clean troublesome territories


Final words

robot-logo-smallThe Roomba 980 vacuum is an effective machine for cleaning distinctive floors of all sorts and also filtering the air for most extreme solace. The machine has a low profile design which permits it to reach troublesome places, for example, beneath couches and a variety of other furniture. The interesting innovative improvements, for example, vSLAM innovation and the iRobot HOME App are what you have to make the cleaning errands pleasurable and less demanding. Additionally, the machine is lightweight and minimal for easy to carry and accommodation. It is a commendable item for home and office use.

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