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iRobot Braava 380t – the floor mopping robot your hard floors dream of


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On January 15, 2016
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If you have lots of hard floors, you can't afford to miss this one. While it's not a vacuum cleaner, the iRobot Braava 380t will mop your floors like no other. Besides the slick design and the handsome sharp lines, the technical capabilities recommend this unit as one of the best available on the market.

robot-logo-smallIf you intend to maintain a gleaming floor each day with a lot of ease, then it is time you bought iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot. Making use of microfiber cleaning cloths to mop your floor surfaces, this is an automated way of keeping dust, smudges and daily dirt under control. It makes use of a smooth navigation system, diligently knowing where it has been and where it ought to go in order to achieve a homogeneous cleaning endeavor. This article highlights some of the special features that you need to know regarding this robotic mopping machine and a professional view from experts that have tested and approved the appliance.  Here’s what you will find bellow:


It is whisper quiet

This is one of the coolest appliances when it comes to sound level. Working in the same room with this robotic cleaner is never an issue since it has been made disruption-free. However, this does not in any way downplay its ability to mop all surfaces clean.


iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot makes use of the NorthStar navigation system, whose function is not so different from an indoor GPS. This is the system that detects where the robot has been and where it needs to go in order to leave the house or room uniformly clean.

Of significance in its navigation is the NorthStar navigation cube, which the robot uses to determine its current location. As the appliance cleans, this signal is used to create a visual map of the room, complete with walls, drop-offs and obstacles. It is therefore capable of maneuvering around objects and avoiding drop-offs and things like stairs.

Two cleaning modes

Unlike most robotic vacuum cleaners which come with multiple cleaning modes, iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot has only two. First is the dry sweep mode, which moves the robot in a straight line back and forth to pick all forms of dirt, dust and hairs. Then there is the damp mop mode, where the appliance applies a specialized back-and forth motion to pull dirt and grime from deeper layers on your flooring material.

A simple operating mechanism

All you need to use this appliance is to attach a piece of cloth and press one of the three buttons to choose the mode that you need. Braava will start cleaning your surfaces and eventually return to its starting point where it will power down. In essence, you know exactly where to find the robotic mop once it has completed the cleaning exercise.

Disposable/microfiber cleaning cloths

This cleaner makes use of dry or damp cleaning cloths. These can be either the Swiffer brand or Braava’s specially designed micro-fiber cloths. These cloths can be reused several times, a reason why it is also recognized as one of the most economical robotic cleaners.

Weight and dimensions

It weighs 8.4 pounds, with dimensions of 9.6×8.5×3.1 inches. It is compact in design and light in weight, convenient to move from one area to another. Since it takes an almost negligible amount of floor space, it is definitely one of the best cleaners when it comes to storage.

Special features

An extended cleaning spree

This appliance has a pro-clean system, which has a unique reservoir cleaning pad. This reservoir dispenses some cleansing liquid all through the cycle to continuously refresh the microfiber cloth so that it can embark on a cleaning exercise for long. This pro-clean system also comes with the appliance, thus you will not be troubled with extra costs.

Scooba three-cycle cleaning technology

iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot makes use of a special kind of cleaning technology- Scooba three-cycle cleaning system. As the appliance moves to a particular location, any surface it gets into contact with is cleaned in three quick and successive cycles to leave the floor gleaming. Scooba comes from their other bare floor robotic unit which is more oriented on scrubbing than on mopping, and which I’ll review in the near future.

An extended coverage area

In a single cleaning cycle, this robotic cleaner can cover up to 1000 square feet of dry mopping. With several NorthStar navigation cubes on the other hand, the appliance can actually cover 2000 square feet of dry mopping in a single cycle.

Fast and convenient charging

Braava 380t recharges within a duration of two hours. This is made possible through the Turbo charge cradle, which is a one-stop location that is convenient for storage and charging. It is therefore advisable to start the cleaner from its Turbo cradle because it will get back to the same location after completing the cleaning task.

Smart sensors

The robotic cleaner is built with smart sensors which aid in navigation. These sensors will detect all obstacles and things such as stairs and raised transitions to areas such as carpets and different flooring materials. This means the cleaner will never trip over and fall no matter how many flooring materials there are in your house.


Some of the accessories that you would expect with the package include:

  • A turbo charge cradle
  • A pro-clean reservoir pad
  • A multi-purpose cleaning pad
  • A microfiber mopping cloth
  • An adapter


Making use of wall-following technology, this leaner will work along the walls, edges and baseboards. Together with its 3.1-inch low profile, it can move under kickboards, furniture and beds to ensure that all places right from the living room to the kitchen are thoroughly clean.

Thanks to the Pro-Clean System and the reservoir cleaning pad which dispenses a liquid through the cleaning exercise, the microfiber cloth will remain damp all through and therefore assure you of some reliable performance.

Its usability is further enhanced by the pause/resume feature, where you can swap out a dry piece of cloth and exchange it with a fresh piece without interrupting the cleaning cycle.


It’s not the cheapest moper. It retails around $300, but occasionally there are cheaper offers which I recommend.


  • The turbo charge cradle inclusion recharges the appliance swiftly
  • The compact and lightweight design enables the cleaner to reach all places including under furniture
  • It has an 8.5-inch cleaning width, which means that it covers a large area at once
  • It maintains its cleaning cloth damp all through the exercise and therefore boasts of remarkable performance
  • Far better than a mindless O-Cedar O-duster i.e.


  • It does not return to its charging position automatically like other cleaners


Apart from changing the cloths and recharging the appliance, there are no other functions that will require you to babysit the Braava 380t. It is a versatile robotic cleaner, refreshing its microfiber cloth all through the exercise for optimal performance. If you need an appliance that will work along your walls and baseboards for a uniform gleam, then this is the appliance that you should invest in.

Any questions or feedback on this product would be much appreciated.

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