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Infinuvo Hovo 650 – a vacuum cleaner and mop hybrid


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On September 7, 2015
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The Infinuvo Hovo 650 is a 2-in-1 product: it works autonomously as both a vacuum cleaner and a mop pad. What I like about this robot is the powerful battery, the intelligent sensors and the way it cleans bare floors. But the best feature remains its price.

robot-logo-smallInfinuvo is definitely not new to the robot vacuum game with an already popular Hovo 510 and their CleanMate series of cleaners. The Hovo 650 is their new offering which has the capability to perform both dry suction cleaning and wet mopping. Today, you’ll find out if it has what it takes to hum its way inside your home. Moreover, you’ll learn:

Infinuvo Hovo 650

Key features

  • Suction power: The Hovo 650 has an decent suction power of 25 AWS. This basically means it can efficiently suck in anything from tiny dust particles to peanuts and nails. A great suction related feature that the Hovo 650 brings into the mix is its intelligent suction management. This is a technology that allows the Hovo to adjust the suction power according to the type of floor its cleaning.
  • Input power/battery life: Battery capacity and charging time are two very crucial parameters when it comes to judging the efficiency of a vacuum robot. The Hovo is fitted with a 2000 mAh battery which at full capacity can continuously clean your house for about 90 minutes. Once it’s low on power, the Hovo 650 automatically makes its way to the charging stations to recharge its battery. Apart from the auto charging feature, you can even choose to charge the Hovo 650 manually by placing it on the charging unit. A full charge takes 3 to 4 hours to complete which is relatively quick compared to other models in the same price range. The device has power input of 100-240V 50/60Hz, which is great because this means it will work both in the US which uses 110V and 60Hz as well as in European countries that use 220V and 50Hz.
  • Dust capacity: The size of the dust container dictates the number of times you are compelled to detach the dust container unit and clean it. Simply put, the bigger the size of the dust unit the less frequently you would have to clean it. The Infinuvo Hovo 650 comes with a detachable dust bin with a capacity of 0.4L of 400ml. To put that in perspective the dust bin capacity is equal to most handheld compact vacuum cleaners. When you compare it to other robot vacuum cleaners available in the market, the size is little higher than average.
  • Filtration system efficiency: A good filter is what holds the dust and debris inside the bin while letting the air pass out. The Hovo 650 has a specialized HEPA filter which does a great job trapping dust particles, pet hair, cobwebs, and debris inside the machine. Apart from the high-quality filter, the Infinuvo Hovo 650 also comes with a special UV light that kills the germs and dust mites present inside the collected debris.
  • Weight and dimensions: The Hovo 650 has a 14 inch radius and sits 3.6 inches above the ground. The weight of the entire machine is a hefty 6.6 lbs. The bigger size is not necessarily a bad thing. Mainly because it can cover a larger in a single pass which in turn means that the new Hovo can clean up a floor space faster.
  • Warranty: The warranty offered on this product is pretty standard. The Hovo 650 comes with a standard 30-day money back guarantee which protects customers from manufacturing defects or shipping damages. The product also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty but only for customers in the United States.
  • Accessories: When you order the Hovo 650, you will end up getting a lot of different components apart from the primary unit. Each of these accessories are sold as bundled maintenance kits by Invinuvo and thus can be purchased as and when they need replacement. The accessories include a set of 2 side brushes that push the dust and debris towards the suction vent. You also get an AC charger and a charging station which supports auto charging. The box also includes a cleaning brush which can be used to clean the dust container or the filter. For the wet mopping, there are 2 mopping pads included in the box. These pads fit at the bottom of the main unit and can be cleaned and reused multiple times. One of the coolest and the most useful accessory included is the virtual blocker. Once turned on and placed strategically, this little box creates an invisible barrier for the machine. This means if you want the machine to not go inside a particular room, all you have to do is place the virtual blocker at the doorway of the room and leave the primary unit outside. Inversely it can also be used to make the unit clean a particular room. For that you need to place the virtual blocker at the exiting doorway and trap the primary unit and charging dock inside the room. Lastly you get a remote control, which apart from turning on and off the machine, helps you select the cleaning modes.
  • Special features: The Hovo 650 has 4 different cleaning modes, Auto, Spot, Edge and Scheduled. The Auto mode follows a set cleaning routine and is tuned to floor environment. Spot cleaning mode is ideal for dirty spaces or areas. When you turn on the Edge cleaning mode, the unit hugs the wall and cleans up the edges and corners of the room. Armed with an inbuilt clock, you can pre-set a cleaning time by accessing Scheduling mode. The Hovo 650 also does a great job resembling the cleaning motion of a wet mop and has special water reservoir which seeps water on the mopping pad to keep it moist while cleaning.
  • Usability/Movement Algorithm: This is where the Infinuvo Hovo 650 really separates itself from the herd. The advanced sensor and movement algorithm allows the machine intelligently maneuver around the floor. For example it has soft-touched sensors that avoids collisions and protects both the cleaning unit and the furniture. The soft-touched sensors also allow the unit to push itself really close to objects and walls ensuring efficient cleaning. The Hovo also features dirt detection sensors allowing the machine to concentrate more on the dirty areas of your home. Overall, the Hovo 650 can meander around wires, clean under the bed, and even detect stairs or sudden drops.
  • The price: This vacuum cleaner is usually sold at around around $400. But today you can get it for only -.

The product has got a high percentage of positive ratings in Amazon and other online stores. Following are 3 of the most talked about positive feature of the Infinuvo Hovo 650 based on real customer reviews:

  • Easy to operate: Almost all customers who were satisfied with the product said they were amazed by how easy the Hovo 650 was to operate.
  • Perfect hard floor cleaning: A lot of customers who have used robovac cleaners before say that the Hovo is best suited for hardwood floors or un-carpeted tiled floors.
  • Easy to clean: Some customers were happy about how little time and effort they had to spend cleaning the dust container and the filter.

Here’s a nice video review of the product:

Even though there are very few, the product did receive some negative comments. Here’s one thing customers didn’t like about the Hovo 650:

  • Not suited for carpets: The fitted mopping pad and design of the brushes makes it difficult for the Infinuvo Hovo 650 to maneuver on carpeted floors. This means if your home has a lot of carpeted floor areas, Hovo 650 might not be the best choice.

Final Verdict

robot-logo-smallThe Infinuvo Hovo 650 does exactly what a modern robotic vacuum should do and more. Packed with intelligent features, it can easily scan the floor surface and autonomously keep your home clean. Features such as dirt detection and soft-touch sensor also make it a very intelligent cleaning companion. The Infinuvo Hovo 650 is perfect for your home, provided you don’t have large carpeted areas.

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