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Ecovacs DEEBOT DM85 – reviewing a floor cleaning/mopping robot

DeeBot DM85

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On December 20, 2015
Last modified:December 20, 2015


Need a decent priced robot that vacuums and mops at the same time? Say no more, you've found what you're looking for. The DeeBot DM85 not only does what you need, but come with many other perks. For starters, the suction is great, the dust bin has a reasonable capacity and the navigation algorithm works ok from my point of view.

robot-logo-smallIf you’ve wished for a vacuum that will clean your floors with little intervention, the Ecovacs DEEBOT DM85 robot will make a good investment. It’s an unique robotic vacuum that will clean different types of surfaces, dry or wet clean and is programmable to vacuum on its own. Today you’ll find out:



The DM85 features 2 suction options. Both provide a good amount of suction to pick up dust and debris from surfaces. The first option is the main brush suction. This combines powerful suction along with the deep cleaning action of the main brush. This works well on low pile carpets and spot cleaning tough stains. The second option is the direct suction. It involves running the vacuum with the main brush removed. This works well if you simply want the vacuum to pick up dust and works particularly well for daily cleaning tasks.


The DEEBOT DM85 comes with a rechargeable 14.8V rechargeable battery. The package also includes a charging dock that’s compatible with 100 to 240V power outlets. On average your robotic vacuum should run for 120 minutes before need to recharge, which is a lot (comparable with the latest Roomba)! It’s designed to automatically detect a low battery state, after which it will move and plug itself into the charging dock. The built in smart power management prevents battery damage by automatically reducing the amount of current supplied once charging is complete.

Dust capacity

This robotic vacuum comes with a high capacity dust bin. The bin can be located through the top cover on the vacuum. At 12oz., the bin is large enough to hold dust collected after a few days vacuuming, depending of the amount of debris you have in your house.

Filter efficiency

The DM85 includes a removable high efficiency filter. The filter is designed to trap microscopic dust particles. It’s also does a great job trapping pet hair and other particles that can trigger allergies. Cleaning the filter involves simply patting it to remove any trapped debris. Cleaning with water will damage it.

Weight and dimensions

The DEEBOT DM85 floor cleaning robot has a height of 4.01 inches. You don’t have to move furniture before cleaning the surfaces under them. It has a diameter of about 13.3 inches. This allows it to clean large areas at once therefore reducing cleaning time. It weighs 14 pounds. While this might be a bit heavy for a robotic vacuum, it’s nothing to worry about since you won’t need to lift it often.


This robotic vacuum comes with a 1 year warranty.


Along with the DM85, your order will include a number of accessories which include the following:

  • Remote control with 2 AAA batteries
  • Charging dock with power adapter
  • 2 additional sweeper side brushes
  • Cup for measuring water for smart clean reservoir
  • 2 reusable and washable smart clean cloths

Special features

The DM85 includes a number of features which make it stand out among the hundreds of robotic vacuum cleaners available today. Some of the top features include the following:

  • Besides the main agitator brush, this robotic vacuum features two side brushes. These enable the vacuum to have a cleaning reach of over 15 inches in width. The 2 side brushes also make it easy to clean tight spaces such as corners.
  • This floor cleaning robot features the optional smart clean feature. This extends its functions beyond just picking up dust from surfaces. The smart clean feature will wet stains and lift them off surfaces. After this, it will dry the surface leaving it clean. However, this feature should only be used on bare surfaces.
  • Automatic cleaning is another feature that makes the DM85 stand out. This floor cleaning bot includes dust sensors which will detect dust volume on a surface. This, in turn, triggers the vacuum to adjust to the best cleaning mode to get the job done. With regard to cleaning modes, the DEEBOT DM85 features 4 of these: Automatic, Spot, Edge and Intensive. You can program the vacuum to clean in a specific mode or, let it automatically adjust itself.
  • Besides dust sensors, is also comes fitted with additional sensors which detect obstacles and vertical surfaces. These ensure that you won’t have to worry about your vacuum getting damaged from a fall or bumping against surfaces.
  • This robotic vacuum is also programmable to work on its own. You’re provided with a remote control with which you can program specific actions such as auto cleaning schedule and cleaning modes. Once you’ve made the settings, the vacuum will work independently.


Ecovacs DEEBOT DM85 floor cleaning/mopping robot is designed to work almost automatically. With 4 cleaning modes, you can always be sure that all surfaces will be cleaned on time. The built in memory and sensors allow this vacuum to work independent of you. It can easily detect dust and surfaces and adjust itself to the most suitable cleaning mode.

This robotic vacuum is also designed to be self sustaining. That is, the built in sensors are able to keep the vacuum from banging against objects or falling off vertical surfaces such as stairs.


This unit is a good example of a middle priced robovac which would suit just fine most of the house holds out there. Check out this deal to find out if you’re qualified for a discount.

Pro points

  • 2 suction options allow you to change from light vacuuming tasks to intense tasks
  • Dual side brushes make it easy to clean tight spaces and clean a wider area at once
  • Water reservoir makes cleaning stains easy
  • The DM85 will return to charging dock by itself when battery runs low
  • Easy to empty and clean high capacity dirt bin
  • 4 cleaning modes for best cleaning results
  • Easily programmable to work independently
  • Built in sensors help to protect the vacuum from damage
  • Cleans different types of surfaces with ease

Con reviews

  • The smart clean feature isn’t quite effective in cleaning stubborn stains like grease
  • Changing between the two suction modes requires you to manually remove or install the main brush


robot-logo-smallIf you’re looking for a vacuuming robot for your home, the DEEBOT DM85 from Ecovacs is worth investing in. It builds on the features found on earlier DEEBOT models by including additional features that make floor cleaning easier. This floor cleaning robot makes dry and wet vacuuming easy. In addition, it helps to keep your floors clean even when you’re not at home. Its ability to operate independently will ensure that you won’t have to worry about dirty floors or a damaged vacuum. In addition, it comes with all the accessories you need to start cleaning your floors right out of the box.

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