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Bissell SmartClean Robotic Vacuum 1605 – long term strategy or just a try out?


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On October 11, 2015
Last modified:November 20, 2015


Bissell is always a surprise when it comes to launching new products. From steam mops to carpet cleaners, Bissell produces just about everything to help you keep your house clean. So it was only logical they would eventually release their first robotic vacuum cleaner. The SmartClean may not be a premium robovac, but it has all the right ingredients for a successful automated home cleaning system.

robot-logo-smallGone are the days when vacuuming a room or the entire house had to be done by common appliances. It’s now the age of smart products, who can clean homes on their own with minimal guidance necessary, and the Bissell SmartClean Robotic Vacuum 1605 is now among the top of the line in the vacuum robot market. This unit is manufactured by  Bissell Inc., as a latest addition to their wide range of floor care tools and other vacuuming products. Before I’ll disclose the full list of product specifications, let me say a word or 2 on the product.

This robotic cleaner was designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements a person would need while cleaning their room. Cleaning one’s room is not an easy task due to the different types of particles that gets accumulated on the floor, corners of the rooms and underneath the sofas and beds. The most irritating part of cleaning is that not all types of dirt are cleaned by a normal vacuum cleaner and as such one needs a sustainable cleaner which will clean, no matter where the day, according to an editable schedule. The SmartClean is the answer to all your problems. With its wide range of features, you will be amazed as how efficiently it does all the work for you without even “breaking a single sweat”. Also stay tuned for:


Suction Power

The suction power is decent, cleaning out the particles at a good rate. It doesn’t matter what kind of surface or whether the bin is almost full, the SmartClean will clean out almost everything that’s laying around. It has been specifically designed to suck almost any kind of materials, bigger or small. It eats cheerios well, with not typical problems (i.e. the carpet being sucked in). This is only possible thanks to a new cleaning technology called the Triple-Action Cleaning System. Dual spinning edge brushes target corners, while a strong rotating brush agitates the debris and hair embedded into carpet fibers and lifts it directly to the air intake. The length of this brush roll is however a bit small at 4” long and 3/4″ wide, when compared i.e. with the Neato D85 which has a brush roll almost twice that size (10″ long, 2″ wide). The unit is called SmartClean because it adapts to the type of surface vacuumed. The matrix of Opticlean sensors infer between normal floors and heavily trafficked areas, and adjust the cleaning accordingly.

Input power/ battery life

The battery life of the robot is for a good 80 minutes, depending on the amount of charge that it has and the type of floor which it vacuums. Once fully charged, it can clean an entire middle sized house. Ideally, the time to recharge is a minimum 4 hours. It’s not recommended to fully drain the batteries, before recharging again. The Li-Ion batteries allow you to store it with any charge left (optimum would be 50% or so).

Dust Capacity

The bin capacity of robotic vacuums is usually small, and this unit makes no exception with a 14 oz volume. Hence, it may require to be emptied even after vacuuming a single room, but it may also vacuum your entire home. It all depends on the amount of debris which is sucked in.

Filtration system efficiency

The filtration on this robot is pretty common. The filter is located inside the dust bin. It needs periodic cleaning (wash, rinse and dry).

Weight and Dimensions

The product weighs 4 pounds. Dimensions are 13 x 13 x 3.4 inches.


The warranty offered is of one year.


Besides the Docking Station, you’ll also get a wired charger which can be connected to the robot when it needs charging or has completed the cleaning. The box also contains an invisible wall which can be placed in a particular area if you don’t want to clean that place, but you’ll need 4 AA batteries to power this accessory, and these are not included in the package. Other than that, you’ll get 1 battery, 1 filter and 2 edge brushes, and all of them need to be mounted on the unit in order to get it functioning.

Special Features

Not much to say about special features. You can schedule this unit to work when you’re not around, just like most robovacs out there.

Usability/movement algorithm

The product is very easy to assemble and use, and has simplified instructions which one can follow even if not acquainted. The cleaner can navigate in several modes: edge cleaning cleaning, Z cleaning (similarly to Neato‘s algo), or even random cleaning (like most Roombas).

PRO Reviews

This robot is a blessing to old couples. Say goodbye to back pains and get rid of the dust or other particles that have accumulated under your bedroom and sofa. The instruction set is simple to understand. The robot cleans rooms in a matter of minutes.

CON Reviews

It does not collect pet hair as well as it should, as it just keep accumulating in front of the blades, thus barring any other particles to enter into the bin.

Final comments

robot-logo-smallThe Bissell SmartClean Robotic Vacuum 1605 is truly a work of modern design and smart technology, all encompassed into a small unit. First of all, the price is pretty decent. With many extra features available as compared to other robotic vacuum cleaners, it has proved itself to be a favorite among homeowners who want a quick, clean, efficient and effective clean without breaking the bank.

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  1. “It is recommended that the robot is fully drained of its charge before recharging again, due to the Li-Ion batteries.”

    NO, NO, NO. It sounds like you are referring to ni-cad batteries, the old ones from several years back, that had ‘memory’ and needed to be drained before recharging for optimal life. Lithium Ion are completely the opposite. They should NEVER be fully drained, and they can be topped up at any point in their change without shorting their lifespan. Technically, if they aren’t going to be used for very long periods they should be stored at around a 50% charge.

    The good thing is the robot vacs will shutdown before completely draining it’s battery.

  2. Thanks for the good info…i just ordered the Bissell fir myself and elderly parents as a xmas gift..i was under the impression that it would pick up my cats hair…if i clean the brush everytime its done should that work for me…I’m a little disappointed. ..please explain and ty

  3. Owned this robovacuum for 1 year. Having 2 cats, so I see big differences between main level and basement cat hairs level 🙂 But… Robot making route with no logic. Regular stuck somewhere. So it returns to the charging station 3 times of 4. Firstly runs for 1 and half hour. Now running only 30 minutes. New battery price as 1/3 of price of price new robot o_O.

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