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Why use a robot vacuum instead of a traditional one?

robot-logo-smallRobot vacuums are becoming increasingly more popular by the day. They are adorable and very small and they have captured everyone’s imagination like no other appliance has been able to do thus far. This makes us wonder, why use a robot vacuum instead of a traditional one.

To properly answer this question you will need to ask yourself a few important questions. If you are suffering from a disability or if you are too frail to handle and operate a traditional vacuum, then the robot vacuum is the perfect answer for you because you won’t need to do much to make it work. This wonderful small appliance will remove the dust and dirt and will give you greater independence around your home.

Secondly, you need to ask yourself whether you have wooden floors or whether there are low carpets in your home. The plain truth is that robot vacuums are perfect when used on hard surfaces and on carpet lengths are on the shorter side. Unless your house has many high pile carpets, you will find that the robot vacuum is the better option than a traditional one.

Thirdly, if you want to wage a holy war against filth then you will find the robot vacuum to be a better option than traditional vacuums. You can use your robot vacuum to clean your floors once on a daily basis. The same is not easy to do with a traditional vacuum. In fact, robot vacuums are designed for just such a purpose and hence are a better option if you want to win your war on filth.

However, if your home is big then you will be better off using traditional vacuums as robot vacuums are built to clean up small apartments and studios. Trying to clean a large home with a robot vacuum will prove to be very expensive, except if you go out and purchase the costliest one. Ideally, you should your robot vacuum to clean one room or a small apartment. They are simply not designed to clean up large homes.

The nice thing about using the robot vacuum is that they are very good at cleaning up hair left by your pets. It can save you plenty of time. These appliances are equipped with tiny dirt receptacles that do not easily get clogged by your pet’s hair and so is a perfect option to clean up a home that has pets in it.

Obviously, if you have an affinity for robots then you will not want to settle for a traditional vacuum. The only trouble is that your robot vacuum will not be able to deal with things like thick carpets, furniture and it can get confused by doorways and it may even start cleaning the same spot over and over again.

Most of us think that by buying a robot vacuum we can save time and get help with a somewhat unpleasant task – cleaning the floors. This in itself is a good idea and there is fortunately a wide range of options available to those who are planning on using these cute appliances. Depending on features, you can buy one that costs as little as 100 dollars and also one that costs more than 1000 dollars.

If you have made up your mind to use robot vacuums, the first thing that you will need to do is decide what kind of appliance you want. There are cheap types that can clean the dust from a hard floor and there are also costlier options that come with schedulers and memory as well as sensors that can identify dirt. These appliances are also easily able to transition between cleaning floors and carpets.

So, what exactly is the robot vacuum? It is an appliance that will clean your floors and carpets autonomously. A robot vacuum is very different from a traditional one, because it has a sensory system which helps it to adapt to its surroundings. Thus, it can move and vacuum by its own, without getting any inputs from humans.

Most robot vacuums move on a couple of drive wheels and perhaps one or more caster wheels. They also have sensors that are placed on the underside of the appliance and inside there are other sensors that provide the appliance with necessary feedback about the environment and distance that it has traveled as well as the present state of the electronic components of the appliance. Different models take different times to be charged. I’m planning to do an article on robot sensors alone, but for now, let’s stick to the subject.

As I was saying, robot vacuums are most effective when you get them to clean hard flooring. However, there are models capable of transitioning between surfaces like a floor and low-level carpets. Some can even clean thick carpets, but most will fail when asked to clean a plush carpet. Most can sense when the appliance comes close to the edge of a staircase. Once they sense this, the robot vacuums will automatically turn themselves around.

The better robot vacuums even have the capability of detecting places that are especially dirty. When these premium models detect this, they will linger on at that area and clean it for a longer period of time.

The nice thing about using robot vacuums is that they are equipped (at least some are) with schedulers that allow the vacuum to clean even in your absence. Since they operate remotely, you will not have to bend and they also have self-charging bases.

It certainly pays to use a robot vacuum because they are easy to maintain. All that you need to do to maintain the appliance is empty the bin and inspect it for debris that would otherwise end up clogging the brushes. Finally, when you notice that the brushes and the filter need to be replaced, you should replace them. So, makes sure that you have enough brushes and filters available at all times.

Before you put the robot vacuum to use you must prepare your home for it. So take out all newspapers from the floor and do the same with small toys and strings as well as any small article that may be lying about on the floors. Also, make sure that no drapery hems and blind pull cords are laying on the carpet or floor. Finally, when operating the machine makes sure that you do so according to manufacturer instructions.

robot-logo-smallI hope I’ve answered this question with flying colors, but if you think there’s more to add, don’t be afraid to comment bellow.

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