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How to maximize the life of your robot vacuum’s battery?

robot-logo-smallWhen purchasing a robot vacuum, getting one that can withstand deterioration and that can last for countless charging cycles is as important as properly maintaining it. The core element of sustaining you robot vacuums’ life is to properly care for the battery; here are some tips to help keep your vacuum running smoothly.

Operate the robot vacuum often

If you don’t use it, you lose it! Generally speaking, robot cleaners come with rechargeable batteries, with most having rechargeable batteries that are nickel-based, which many people assume are lithium ion based as in the case of smartphones. These types of batteries don’t perform properly if used rarely or for light cleaning uses, the peak of performance is when used frequently, as most robots vacuums where designed for regular usage.

Exhaust the battery

This method should be done sparingly. Once every week or so is enough to keep your robot vacuums battery healthy. Make sure to run the machine to complete ability until the battery is fully fatigued and has stopped running. However, remember you don’t have to necessarily carry out this process every time you use it.

Clean the brushes

If the brushes and related brush axes get congested and built up with hair, dust and other debris, the appliance will struggle to spin them correctly. This causes the device to work harder to spin the brushes, overwhelming the batteries’ precious power supply, draining away more than normal, which in turn makes the battery life suffer. If this occurs excessively, the battery could suffer extensive damage. So try to commit to removing and declogging your cleaning machines’ brushes at least once week, paying special attention to rollers.

Benefits of a Rapid Charger

A rapid charger is a great option to use in combination with a secondary charger, meaning you can keep the domestic device running smoothly by continuously exchanging between the rapid charger and the other battery. The rapid charger’s pulse-charging circuitry feature will, in addition optimize the battery to its full potential, avoid depletion and ensure a continuous working session.

Let the battery remain fully charged

If you have a robot vacuum cleaner that utilizes a rapid charger, you should let the battery remain in the rapid charger until just before you use it. On the other hand, if you have a standard charger battery with your vacuum cleaner, let it plugged in all the time the appliance is being used.


It is important to realize when you are not using the robot vacuum cleaner, and adopt the same policies you use in the case of smartphones and computers: you should store the unit, chargers and batteries in a dry and cool place. Battery and charging efficiency is greatly decreased if they are charged and stored in warm environments. Charge and stow away the unit in cool/dry sites, steering clear of direct sunlight and not near sources of heat like heated vents and radiators, windows and large appliances (i.e. next to washing machines etc) giving the unit ample breathing room.

Long-term storage goals

If you are not planning to use your vacuum cleaner for more than a few weeks, the best way to store the device is to charge the battery to capacity, then remove and store it separately. Any time you return, charge the battery once again and then run it to exhaustion. Now, the first few times you try to use the robotic vacuum cleaner, most likely you won’t get the typical running times, but with regular use it should become fully functional quickly.

The battery should not be left inside the unit for lengthy periods (several weeks), especially when not connected to a charger. This is because even if it is turned off, it can still lose a slight current, which will affect it negatively. Again, if this occurs excessively, the battery could have extensive damages.

Saving on money

A robotic vacuum cleaner is mean to not only save you on time wasted cleaning, but to also save you money. Simultaneously save yourself the cost of repeatedly purchasing new batteries and keep your vacuuming appliance running longer by buying only original batteries, produced by the maker of your robot vacuum. You can find almost all types of different sized batteries at online stores and specific company sites.

Place it on a vacation setting

Again, if you are not using the gadget for long periods of time, weeks at a time, such as going on vacation, the most modern models of robotic vacuum cleaner have a setting mode called “vacation mode”. By placing your device on this stagnated setting, it will ensure the batteries’ health remains at an optimum level.

To rest the cleaner in vacation mode, charge the battery to capacity, flip the machine over and remove the battery, by unscrewing the secure door. There are plenty of instructional online videos that can show you how to discharge your battery safely for almost all types of robotic vacuum models. Once the battery is successfully detached, store it in a cool dry memorable place for safekeeping.

Alternatively, some latest models can be scheduled to continue vacuuming; even when you’re gone on holiday. Upon returning from your lengthy trip, recharge the appliance fully and then run it until it is worn out. You can then freely revert to your ordinary routine.

Final words

If you implement all these handy tips and tricks on how to maximize the life of your robots battery, you will save yourself the hassle of dealing with a weak unit, and avoid repeatedly paying for new expensive batteries every few months. I hope I shared some light on how to maximize the life of your robot vacuum’s battery, but if you have some additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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