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How to Get Rid of The Dust Bunnies

robot-logo-smallIf there is one thing that will always accumulate and be present in your home uninvited, it would be dust. All the cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming aside, you can’t hope to get your home to be dust-free. Yes, it can get frustrating but stop letting it get you down. With these sure ways to beat the dust, you will no longer look at house cleaning the same ever again.

The cleaning process

Step 1

Clean the filter of your air conditioner frequently especially during the summer. This is easy to do. Just take out the filter and use the vacuum to suck up the accumulated dust. If the filter is extremely dirty or dusty, then it’s time for a replacement. Cheap and easy.

clean filter

Step 2

Your shoes are offensive when it comes to bringing in dirt especially if you don’t wipe them before entering your house. So to prevent a dust invasion, place a doormat, an old rag or towel on the floor by the door. This will encourage everyone to wipe their shoes before entering.

Step 3

Dirty door screens are not only unpleasant to look at but that situation can lead to allergies. The traditional way of cleaning door screens is to take the whole thing off, hose it down and stick it back in again. Now there’s a new way to clean it using a dry sponge. Designed to get rid of pet hair from furniture, you can easily get one for use on your screen from a local pet store.

Step 4

If you don’t have the time to take down the curtains and wash them, you can simply vacuum them using a brush attachment. However, see to it that you wash the ones you can at least once a month. Otherwise, dry clean them at least annually since curtains are dust magnets responsible for certain allergies.

Step 5

Ceiling and standing fans need constant cleaning if you want your house to be dust free. You see, dust accumulates on the blades. When you turn the fan on, dust particles will circulate the air inside the room and fall on the floor or tabletops.

Step 6

Carpets are the ultimate dust collectors and they need constant attention. Ideally, you need to vacuum your carpeted floors once a week if you don’t want dust to settle in. Just because you can’t see the dust, doesn’t mean it’s not buried there just below the surface.

Step 7

Keep your hardwood floors dust free by damp mopping them. This is better than sweeping or vacuuming. After mopping, you can dust-proof the floors using liquid floor wax. Let the wax dry and finish off with a dry wipe down.

Final thoughts

robot-logo-smallThere you go! With these tips, you can surely beat the dust in your homes. Turn the advice here into a habit and cleaning and dusting will surely be something that will become less challenging for you. Since everyone wants a healthy home free of sneeze causing dust!

Most tend to ward off dust bunnies by vacuuming, dusting and sweeping with a broom, although this doesn’t seem to have a lasting effect. Consider taking the following proactive steps when battling dust bunnies:

As I said, change your air filters regularly. Air filters should be replaced monthly to avoid particle build-up and to ensure the highest performance. Some manufacturers also offer cleanable filters that can be rinsed or vacuumed. Ask your heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional to show you how to replace your filters on an ongoing basis to help limit the particulates and dust in your home’s air. Better yet, add a whole-home air cleaner. Use a whole-home air filtration system to combat dust bunnies and allergens. These systems remove unwanted particles from the air in every room of the house versus other air cleaners that just do the job in one specific room.

And another tip, close your windows. Although it’s tempting to open windows to enjoy the fall’s more moderate outdoor temperatures, this invites pollen and mold spores into your home and into the air you breathe. Even window screens can’t stop these microscopic particulates from entering your house.

Last but not least, use your air conditioner. Turning on the air conditioner provides welcome relief by cooling and drying the air in your home. Dehumidifiers can also help homeowners feel more comfortable while fighting allergens that thrive in moist environments.

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