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Definitive Guide to Maintaining a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

robot-logo-smallRobotic cleaners have become loved by many people because of the convenience they offer when it comes to home cleaning. They usually come in sleek, compact designs that serve as very beautiful additions to your home. You can use them to clean areas that would have otherwise given you a hard time to reach. In essence, they make cleaning fast, easy and effective. These robots will go under the chairs, tables, and beds to ensure that every place is excellently clean. Ultimately, you can relax in your home knowing that you do not have dusty areas to worry about.

Starting out

For the robot cleaner to maintain good functionality and serve your needs properly, you have to make sure that it is properly maintained. Maintenance is not only needed for keeping the unit working, but it will also make it last longer. It will be a good idea to make use of the operation manual which the unit comes with to make sure that you are using it the right way. Make sure that you assemble the parts that need to be assembled properly. Before the initial use of the unit, you have to allow it to charge for a given length of time according to the manufacturer guidelines.

Prepare your floors

Even though robots with sensors, it is very important to prepare your home before using it. You need to make sure that there are no pull chords or drapery hems on the floor or carpet when using this type of system. This may look like a simple step, but it is definitely going to improve the results that the unit will offer. If there are any unnecessary items on the floor such as newspapers and toys, you also need to remove them before using the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Watch for sensors

The sensors on the robotic vacuum cleaner are usually found on the front and back. They are designed to act as eyes that detect i.e. edges or obstacles. If your vacuum cleaner happens to get stuck underneath a sofa or bed, you should not pull it directly because you may end up breaking or damaging the sensors, detectors, bumpers, and other parts. The best way to remove the cleaner without damaging it if it is stuck underneath is to lift up the bed or sofa and then slowly re-track it out.

Bin and filters

Another thing you will need to do to make sure that your robotic vacuum cleaner continues working efficiently is to remember to empty the litter bin and check the brushes to see if there is any clogging. Most robotic vacuum cleaners usually have a dust bin that is smaller compared to a regular vacuum cleaner, so my advice is to clear it every time you start/finish vacuuming. You can clean it with a ‘Dust Brush’ or wash it with water and then wipe it dry. The bin needs to be sizable enough as well as easy to detach and re-attach to the vacuum cleaner. If you can’t get the bin out of the unit (or back inside for that matter), you should check the manual.

You need to make sure that the filters of your robotic vacuum cleaner are clean all the time for it to continue working properly. In most of the cases, the manufacturer advises you not use water to clean the filters. You should instead use a special “Dust Brush” which is meant for this special cleaning. A hair dryer may also be ideal for cleaning the filters. If you do not clean the filters regularly, they are going to work harder to filter dirt and dust. It will also hinder the unit from picking up debris efficiently. You should also avoid operating the vacuum cleaner on wet surfaces because that will affect the filter and reduce vacuuming suction.

From time to time, you may need to change the filters for the robot to continue working efficiently, so be sure to check that out if you sense inefficiency in its operation.

Wheels and brushes

The wheels of the vacuum cleaner also need to be cleaned regularly for the unit to continue working as it should. You can clean the right and left wheels by taking them out using a screw driver. You should not wash them with water. You should instead use the same Dust Brush. There is usually an inner wheel that you will need to clean. It is located centrally at the rim. Use a Dust Brush to clear dirt, debris, as well as strands of hair on this wheel. Before putting back the right and left wheels, make sure that you check them for any hair strands, hidden debris or pet fur that may be stuck in between them. If there is any, you should remove it because it may damage the rotating gear.

The robotic vacuum cleaner also has side brushes that should be cleaned from time to time. You will need to take them out and lightly rinse them using lukewarm water for cleaning. Make sure that you only submerge the brush strands. If there are any twisted hair strands or creases, you can use a comb to straighten them. The main brush of the vacuum cleaner also needs to be cleaned. To take it out, you will mostly need to unlock the bar on its top left hand side and then raise it gently. Any hair strands or big dust on this brush should be removed. You should also check for any foreign objects that might be stuck on it and remove them.


Make sure you pay extra attention to maintaining robot’s batteries. If you do this the right way, you will minimize maintenance costs, since batteries are the most expensive consumables of the system. Read my article on this special matter.

Software updates

Last but not least, stay in touch with the manufacturer and be prepared to implement any software updates. Especially the new units have system controls and movement algorithms which are improved for a while, and even though you have the physical unit, you can increase it performance by regularly updating its “brain”.

Final words

robot-logo-smallEven though wearing off is natural for any electronic device, you have to apply the above-mentioned maintenance tips on your robotic vacuum cleaner if you want it to serve you for long and give you your money’s worth. Some brands usually come with replacement parts included. If yours does not have replacement parts, you can buy a set for convenience. You also need to check warranties when purchasing the robotic vacuum cleaner to avoid extra costs when you have operational issues.

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