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Neato company – a complete review of their robot vacuum cleaners

Neato logoIf you happen to be new to the site or you have been left in the dark where Neato is concerned, this article is for you. Let’s face it, Neato has managed to do some pretty neat stuff in the world of robotics, however, we are particularly interested in the robot vacuum leg of the company.

California is not only the home of endless summers and Coppertone bodies, but is also the base of operations for the Neato Company. Located in Newark, the design team slave away for hours coming up with the best design for your robot vacuum. These robots are, according to the company credo, designed with heart. That is good to know, considering these little bots are doing one of the most hated chores of the modern world. With the manufacturing happening in China, not only are you getting this little hearty bot at the best quality, but also the best price.

A bit of history

Neato Company is not just another company that fell together in someone’s garage, however, that description is closer than you may think. Started in 2004, the founders of the Neato Company decided to participate in the Stanford University business plan competition. They entered in 2005 and slowly but surely managed to build up a reputation and following, but also managed to gain some investors.

2006 saw the Neato Company filing for the first patent for a robot that contains replaceable cleaning modules, which in turn provided a nice boost to the company profile. After employing sound advice from those in the robotics world, their first robotic vacuum cleaner went on sale in 2010. With this breakthrough product, Neato soon paved a way for themselves in the world of robotics. Hated chores are at the forefront of the design process.

The Neato Company robot vacuum has a bit of an edge over the rest in the market, as it works on a series of laser beams to guide its path. It is designed to move in a parallel path, slightly overlapping to ensure that it covers the entire area. This is a much safer way of ensuring that there are no funny little spots in the room that have not been covered. The design team explains the laser process as the “building of a map” of the layout of the room. There is no dirty little corner that can escape this process, thankfully. This little helper also knows to return to home base and recharge itself when it’s running low on battery life. This is consoling as you wouldn’t have to run around looking for your vacuum cleaner. Another key feature on their robot vacuums is the fact that you wouldn’t need to take it into repairs every time it falls down the stairs, as it’s designed not to. Isn’t that a relief? Babysitting a vacuum cleaner isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.

The guys at Neato didn’t just stop there, they also ensured that the servicing is reduced to free your hands to do other important things like read up on the company’s site. They incorporated bigger dust collection areas in the newer models, as well as some other handy features like the cleverly designed placement of the brushes. These guys know how to save space as well, as they are continuously looking at reducing the battery cell sizes to make these bots more compact. Efficiency is always part of every conversation now that we are constantly reminded of the pressure the planet is under. The design teams have this at the forefront of their design process. If you are concerned about the hardiness of these little guys, suspension springs ensure that breakages occur less frequently.

Neato’s Board

With a company at the forefront of robotic vacuum cleaner design, it isn’t any surprise that it has a leadership handpicked by a very competent board. Giacomo Marini, the current chairman and CEO of the company, impressively co-founded Logitech. Those of you who know the name but can’t quite remember where this features, you have most likely had a Logitech computer mouse at least once in your lifetime. Mr Marini is also the founder and director of Noventi, which, of course, explains his indelible mark on Neato. Management changes have happened in the past where other CEO’s were given an opportunity to steer the company in the direction it needed to go, with Mr Marini having this title before. Running a company of this ilk is clearly something this Italian-born tycoon takes in his stride. The board members are members with impressive credentials and even after all these years Stanford University still has a role to play in the way of Chuck Holloway.

Neato has a lot of competitors sniffing at their heels, however, consistent design improvements and attention to detail ensures that they manage to creep up the list of preferred suppliers of robotic vacuums. Their performance figures are impressive and add a significant portion to the Robo-Stox Index. Even though their individual figures are not listed, they are worth mentioning as a credible competitor to the very popular iRobot. Neato boasts better customer reviews and at the end of the day a happy customer relates to great reviews. This ensures Neato is able to increase their market share and also their footprint. Hundreds of consumers place Neato’s latest vacuum cleaner at the top of their list, despite it being slightly expensive. Price clearly isn’t everything and in this instance you get what you pay for. Not only Neato’s robovacs are at the top in online shopping portals such as Amazon or Bed, Bath and Beyond, but it’s also praised by many with perfect ratings (5 stars out of 5). This is a performance that is not to be sneezed at, especially considering the other heavyweights in the mix.

Here are 2 products from Neato which I love:

Neato Botvac 85Botvac 85

Neato Botvac D80Botvac D80

  • Read my full review
  • Increased bin capacity (24 ounces)
  • Improved Botvac Blade and Combo Brushes
  • 62db noise
  • 1h charge time, 100 minutes of continuous cleaning
  • LCD/on unit controls
  • Magnetic strips
  • 1-year of warranty
  • On sale at the moment

Final words

robot-logo-smallWith a marketing campaign aimed at the heart rather than the pocket, Neato’s products are slowly making their way into homes and businesses across the globe. A personable company that encourages their customers to make use of the various social media platforms, it’s clear that these guys mean business. This is certainly a company to keep an eye on, especially to track their performance against the competitors. So, what do you think

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