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I'm Michael Down, a gadget addict and I absolutely love (in my spare part of the day), to blog, review and use the latest technological products humanity offers. I'm a full time robotics researcher specialized in robot movement, so I guess I get my groove on from my work.

Li-Ion vs Ni-Mh Batteries – Which Are Better?

Lithium-Ion and Nickel-Metal hydride batteries are used for many different types of devices and have specific instructions as to how you should use them effectively. What Is the Difference Between Li-Ion and Ni-Mh Batteries? These two batteries are both rechargeable which is why they six in a myriad of products. ...

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How to Get Rid of The Dust Bunnies

If there is one thing that will always accumulate and be present in your home uninvited, it would be dust. All the cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming aside, you can’t hope to get your home to be dust-free. Yes, it can get frustrating but stop letting it get you down. With ...

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Definitive Guide to Maintaining a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic cleaners have become loved by many people because of the convenience they offer when it comes to home cleaning. They usually come in sleek, compact designs that serve as very beautiful additions to your home. You can use them to clean areas that would have otherwise given you a ...

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iRobot Roomba 980 – a new king in town

iRobot, one of main players on the robotic vacuum cleaners market, brought us news this fall. Their new product, the Roomba 980, can be controlled by an Android/IOS application. The Roomba 980 is now accessible in stores all over the world. In spite of the fact that it is a ...

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Neato vs iRobot

Neato and iRobot are arguably the two best manufacturers of robotic household appliances in the world. But which is better? The debate of Neato vs iRobot has been a long fought out battle! To begin with let’s take a look at the backgrounds of the two companies. iRobot iRobot started ...

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