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About me

Hi guys,

meI’m Michael. I loved robots ever since I was little. I bet most of you do too. One of my favorite movies is Transformers, I think you get the point. 6 years ago, I’ve applied to a researcher position in the robotics department from University of Maryland. My expertise includes robotic navigation techniques, artificial intelligence and applied robotics. My girlfriend asked me one day why I don’t share my work and experience with the world, in a field that would be important and interesting in the same time. Thus I decided to build this site which deals with robot vacuums – this is how was born.

Since then, I’ve put my hands on most Roomba and Neato models I could find, and occasionally on more exotic units from Miele, Samsung, LG or Infinuvo. I love to test, review, play with and sort them in various unimaginable ways (or at least that’s what my friends say about me).

There’s not much left to cover, I love my privacy. However, you can socialize with me on the social media platforms, and I occasionally read my email, so there’s that. However, don’t be offended if I don’t reply very fast: between the lab, this blog and my personal life, I have virtually no time left to spend. I do make grammar errors, please don’t blame me for that, better show them to me and receive karma bonus.

Have a great day!

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Blogger and IT passionate at Best Robo Vac
I'm Michael Down, a gadget addict and I absolutely love (in my spare part of the day), to blog, review and use the latest technological products humanity offers. I'm a full time robotics researcher specialized in robot movement, so I guess I get my groove on from my work.

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